About us

About us

Fresh, wild and quality fish and seafood

About us? Pescadería Bulevar, was born in 2018 from the union of several professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, with the intention of returning to the origin. To return to offer quality product from our seas. A job that starts at sea, goes through the best fish markets and arrives at our counter, to offer our customers the best fish of the highest quality.

Our fishmonger is complemented with a wide range of chilled seafood, a selection of the best preserves and a careful selection of wines and spirits.


Every day we bring of the best national markets, the best fish from the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Cantabrian.

pescado bulevar



We have already lost count of the congratulations we have received, but we never stop having our feet on the ground. We offer full dedication to our clients.

Experienced team

You will feel at home. We guarantee that you will always have the most experienced professionals working for you.

Quality Guaranteed

You will find the help, products and services you need to make sure you feel you have chosen the best choice. We are here for you and for you.